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The Center of Excellence for Indoor Agriculture!

We want to create a Center of Excellence for Indoor Agriculture that would serve as a national hub for CEA investment, production, distribution, logistics, research, development, and training.


To those you who provided input on the feasibility and design of the Center, thank you!


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A Center for Best Practices

Growing in Urban and Peri-Urban areas

Advanced LED Lighting

A Center for R&D

Some of the Possibilities We Envision for the Center


Conduct research on new CEA production and distribution methods, best practices and technologies

Workforce Training

Facilitate the training and workforce development for both the mushroom industry and new CEA crops.

Metrics and Standards

Lead the development of standards and metrics for lighting, energy and other operational parameters


Pilot the introduction of crops such as lettuces and herbs into the existing mushroom-based production and distribution infrastructure

Economic Development

Coordinate regional economic development in terms of its impact CEA, including transportation infrastructure and workforce housing.

Knowledge Transfer

Serve as a clearing house for expertise on the production, distribution, and the business aspects of indoor ag.


Coordinate investment opportunities in CEA and related industries for primate companies, and venture capital firms.

Grants and Loans

Obtain government investment (e.g., USDA, etc.) through grants and loans.  Help match applicants to opportunities


Encourage and showcase existing and emerging technologies to facilitate efficiency and economies of scale


Contributors (partial list)

  • Lincoln University

  • University of Delaware

  • Penn State

  • DelVal University

  • Route 1 Economic Development Initiative

  • CropKing

  • Urban Crop Solutions

  • Autogrow

  • Pegasus Agriculture

  • Independence LED

  • Pietro Industries

  • Hort Americas

  • Fluence Bioengineering

  • Indoor Farms of America

  • GrowFlux

  • Longwood Gardens

  • Chester County Economic Development Council

  • House of Representatives-State of Pennsylvania

  • Chester Water Authority

  • USDA