Sponsoring Organziations

Kennett Township

Kennett Township is the chief sponsor of this feasibility study.


Nearly 50% (470 M pounds) of all the mushrooms produced in the US (960 M pounds) are grown in the Kennett, PA region. This one hundred year old local farm industry has developed robust and effective distribution, recycling, sales and marketing systems to support production. Over 10,000 people are employed by the industry with an economic impact of over $2.6 billion. In short, Kennett has extensive experience with CEA activities, albeit for one crop.  It is within a 24-hour trucking radius of about 250M consumers.

Kennett Township is 16 sq. miles and has approximately 9,000 residents located in Southern Chester County, Pennsylvania. The Township is governed by a Supervisor-Manager form of government. There are three (3) Supervisors who are elected by the citizens. The Township Manager is an employee of the Township, hired by the Board of Supervisors.


  • Scudder Stevens, Chair, Supervisor, Kennett Township
  • Whitney Hoffman, Supervisor, Kennett Township
  • Richard Leff, Supervisor, Kennett Township
  • Lisa Moore, Kennett Township Manager
  • Michael Guttman, Director of the Sustainable Development Office, Kennett Township


New Garden Township

New Garden township is a secondary sponsor of the project.


New Garden Township is located in Chester County. The Township Building is located on 299 Starr Road, just west of where Starr Road intersects Newark Road. Organized in 1714. Population 11,900 (2010). 16.2 square miles.


J. Patrick Little Member (January 1, 2022)
Randy T. Geouque Chair (January 1, 2020)
Stephen E. Allaband Member (January 1, 2024)
Mike Loftus Vice- Chair (January 1, 2022)
Richard Ayotte Member (January 1, 2020)


Tony Scheivert Township Manager
Lewis Gay Treasurer/Director of Finance
Kati Parlier Assistant to Township Manager
Joanne Hafner Finance Assistant


Borough of Kennett Square

The Borough of Kennett Square is a secondary sponsor of the project.


Kennett Square is a borough in Chester County, Pennsylvania, United States. It is known as the Mushroom Capital of the World because mushroom farming in the region produces over a million pounds of mushrooms a day. To celebrate this heritage, Kennett Square has an annual Mushroom Festival, where the town shuts down to have a parade, tour mushroom farms, and buy and sell food and other goods. It is also home to the corporate headquarters of Genesis HealthCare which administers elderly care facilities. The local high school is Kennett High School. Its population was 6,072 at the 2010 census.

Borough Council Members

Term Expires

LaToya M. Myers, President 01/01/2022
 Ethan L. Cramer, Vice President 01/01/2022
J. Douglas Doerfler 01/01/2020
Jamie Mallon 01/01/2020
Brenda Mercomes 01/01/2022
Wayne Braffman 01/01/2020
Peter L. Waterkotte 01/01/2022


Matthew W. Fetick 01/01/2022


Borough Department Heads

Joseph C. Scalise Borough Manager
Karen L. Scherer Borough Secretary and Assistant to the Borough Manager
Randy Behmke Director of Public Works
Lisa Ionata Finance Director
Russell H. Drumheller Codes Enforcement Officer
Karen L. Scherer Open Records Officer